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Berlin's most attractive bridge is connecting the districts of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. There you have a fantastic view over River Spree.
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Eastside Gallery
Berlin's longest existing part of the wall (about 1,3 km).
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The place to go for the younger folks. Pub after pub...
Public transport: S3,5,7,9,75 all to Warschauer Str.
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The peninsula of Stralau is great for a walk in Friedrichshain. But the water in Lake Rummelsburg isn't very clean, thanks to former East-Berlin depositing a lot of junk in the lake. There are better places for a swim.
Public transport: Busses 104, 347
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Formerly called Stalin-Allee the street was supposed to become Friedrichshain's posh boulevard. But it didn't work out. You get a disco, a bar and a cinema. That's about all...

Public Transport: U5, Straußberger Platz, Frankfurter Tor
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It's nostalgia pure for all folks of former East-Germany. The Intershops were shops where you could buy western goods, if you had western currency. In this last existing Intershop you can buy only products from the east.
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The place to have a decent barbeque in Friedrichshain.
Public Transport: Go to Alexanderplatz. There you change to Tram 4 in the direction of Falkenberg. Get out at "Am Friedrichshain".
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That's the "Magic Fountain" in the park. As Berlin is broke, most of the time there's no money to spend on water. So no fountain.
This is the district of Friedrichshain

Up to 1990 Friedrichshain simply was a shabby eastern workingman’s districts with no highlights whatsoever. Then the wall came down and the young folks from the neighbouring "Hippie-District" of Kreuzberg invaded Friedrichshain in search of empty houses they could live in rent-free. And empty houses there were. A lot of them, because the Eastern Germans had left their country in thousands and thousands

About half of Friedrichshain’s population is made up of people aged from 18 to 35 and you can feel and see a slight touch of anarchy. But everything is peaceful there.

For younger tourists, Simon-Dach-Str. and Boxhagener Platz are an absolute must. Pup after pub, club after club, cafe after cafe.

The peninsula of Stralau is Friedrichhain’s romantic side. It’s surrounded by river Spree and Lake Rummelsburg and great for a walk. Until 1990 it simply was a huge rubbish-heap where East-Berlin’s glass factory deposited all its junk. The lake was a scrap yard for rusty ships. Now lots of modern apartments have been built and it’s an exclusive living area.

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How to get to Friedrichshain:

U1 Warschauer Str., U5 Frankfurter Tor, S3,5,7,8,41,42,46,75 all Ostkreuz,
 S3,5,7,9,75 Warschauer Str.
 The peninsula of Stralau: Busses 104 and 347 
 It's best to catch bus 104 at the S-Bahn station "Treptower Park"

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