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It's nostalgia pure for all folks of former East-Germany. 

The Intershops were a chain of government-run retail stores in East Germany in which only hard currencies could be used to purchase high-quality western goods. The East German mark was not accepted as payment. They were oriented towards visitors from Western countries. A funny side-effect was that ordinary East Germans had some insight into the selection of goods available in the West, which they could then compare with the rather limited offerings available in their own country.

As today it's of no use to sell western goods in an Intershop, in this last existing one you can buy only products that have been sold in former East Germany. 

In the beginning they used to charge the prices shown on the labels. In Euros, not in East German Marks. That's about eight times the original price. 

The shop is located at the intersection of Ehrenbergstr. and Stralauer Allee in the district of Friedrichshain.

You best go there in the afternoon, the shop is open from 14.00 to 18.00.

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Details about Intershop: Wikipedia

How to get there:
Go to Warschauer Str., using U1 or S3,5,7,9,75. From there it's a five minute walk to the shop.